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List of XBox 360 Games with Co-Op mode

February 2, 2008 by · 45 Comments 

As much as playing 1st person shooters by yourself is fun, playing with a friend can make it so much better. To that end, there are games that only support two players online, vs other offline… to help you choose which game suits your fancy, here is my favorites list: Update as of (2/2/08): Wikipedia […]

Electronics Recycling

January 24, 2008 by · 3 Comments 

Ever wondered what to do with all the obsolete electronics taking up space in your house? Here is a list of current electronics recycling policies from major companies and retailers. Most offer free recycling for new purchases, and a few offer paid take-back of older products, or offer outsourced recycling programs. Information provided is applicable […]

Excellent comparison of Mac OS X (Leopard) vs Vista

October 28, 2007 by · 13 Comments 

I have tried Vista and although aesthetically it is an improvement over older versions of Windows, I can’t say that I’ve had many ‘great’ experiences with it so far as to provide a valuable comparison between it and Mac OS X. However, Engadget has a very good comparison of the features, and at a glance, […]

My Favorite Symbian/Nokia Related Blogs List

June 20, 2007 by · 3 Comments 

Since the Series 60 3rd edition platform came out, I have been a fan. I’m not the only one. All these blogs are excellent reads. Please feel free to add more in the comments. Always up for new ones!

List of current applications on my E61i

June 13, 2007 by · 26 Comments 

I try to keep a spartan phone between application trials in order to make sure that the phone is ‘stable’.. so if it’s on this list, it hasn’t caused me problems and I use it regularly. If you have ones you like, leave a suggestion, I’m always up for trying new things. Truphone – Great […]

List of Cool Mac Apps.. compiled from tweets (of all places)

April 17, 2007 by · Leave a Comment 

Since I’m on a roll with mac related stuff, here is the list:

Another long list of VoIP services for calling on the cheap…

March 8, 2007 by · Leave a Comment 

So as an attempt to keep you guys informed on the variety of cheap calling options… here is another list: Related Chromewalker Articles: List of Telephone Services for Calling ‘On the cheap’

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