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For Potential Switchers: Windows App Enablers on the Mac

January 9, 2007 by · 1 Comment 

I frequently get questions from potential switchers on how they will be able to run x, y, or z windows app on a Mac, were they to get one. Well, you have many options..

List of Telephone Services for Calling ‘On the Cheap’

December 21, 2006 by · 15 Comments 

For me, calling abroad is a way of life. Not only are my friends spread out all over the place, but so is my family. Therefore, I usually have to have a trick up my sleeve to run away from standard landline or mobile phone international rates which tend to leave you feeling like you […]

My List of favorite Symbian OS applications

December 19, 2006 by · 21 Comments 

Windows Mobile users and Palm OS users have one major thing going for them: a large library of quality commercial software available for their devices. Symbian OS users, in spite of the raw numbers of devices out there, are still behind the times when it comes to having a library of software that isn’t ‘gimmicky’.

Top DVDs for testing out your Home Theatre

December 12, 2006 by · 20 Comments 

These are the top DVDs that we feel take advantage of a slick home theater system. The criteria used to evaluate was simpleā€¦ how much fun did my friends and I have while watching them. Preference was obviously given towards those DVDs with lots of colors, fast action scenes, and lots of eye candy. For […]

Chromewalker’s List of Top Headphones

December 7, 2006 by · 15 Comments 

I travel quite frequently, therefore iPodemus Prime is my best friend whilst on the road. iPodemus Prime likes his full range to be heard clearly, and thus, he gets cranky if he sounds tinny, shallow, or boomy. In order to prevent him from angering further, I have compiled a list of my favorite headphones below. […]

List of Region Free XBox 360 Games

November 20, 2006 by · 22 Comments 

If you live in the UK or anywhere other than the USA, you may find that games are far more expensive that if you had bought them in the USA. However, due to region encoding on most games, you need to make sure that you’re not buying one in the USA that you won’t be […]

Chromewalker’s Favorite Mac Applications

November 2, 2006 by · 18 Comments 

There are tons of Mac top ten lists out there, so I decided to make it tons + 1. These are my favorite Mac Apps, I use them frequently, and find them to be the best of constant evaluations that I make.

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