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Garmin 50 Watch Review

December 2, 2008 by · 5 Comments 

A friend of mine recently bought a Garmin 50 that I felt compelled to pull a Sylar on. Having an EDGE 705 GPS device for my bike, I figured the Garmin 50 was a cool supplement I could get for my days when I wanted to just have my heart rate or  train on a […]

Bike Theft captured on video

October 9, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

Still on vacation… so sorry for the sparse posts… but, just had a friend of mine send me something excellent: An artist in Argentina has taken up a project; filming bikes and seeing when they get stolen. If they don’t get stolen by a certain time, he titles the sector ‘safe’. What is hilarious to […]

Cycling Survival Tips from a Bike Messenger

September 23, 2008 by · 3 Comments 

  Street Smarts By Rich Katz The streets are the most dangerous place you’ll ever be. The chances of getting killed in a traffic accident are greater than almost anything you’ll experience in your entire lifetime. If you’re in a car, the simplest precaution you can take to survive is to wear your seatbelt. But […]

Garmin EDGE 705 Review: The Ultimate Cycling Computer

September 7, 2008 by · 32 Comments 

Every once in a while there comes a device that radically changes how I experience an activity. The Palm Treo (yes, way back when) redefined SMS for me, being the first to do the ‘chat’ style SMS UI that the iPhone is now known for. The Ericsson T28 was the first phone that I used […]

Bike Saddle Hell: Finding the right saddle for your bottom

August 25, 2008 by · 23 Comments 

Brooks Saddle Image via Wikipedia I want to begin by stating that I’m neither a doctor nor a bike pro. I have no qualification for analyzing bike saddles other than that which my body tells me. That said, this post is about my frustration in finding a saddle for my road bike that would: a) […]

Bike Fittings: A Necessary Service?

July 24, 2008 by · 23 Comments 

Image via Wikipedia I used to be a run for exercise, but after some knee pain, I was recommended to switch to something less ‘high impact’ on the knees. Thus, I began my return to cycling after having left it behind many moons ago during my college days. Since I began cycling here in London, […]

Into Biking? Here is The Independent’s top 50 Bikes

July 19, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

Image via Wikipedia The Independent’s top 50 Bikes I’m not sure I agree with all the bicycle picks here, but they do have some interesting ones to look at. Related articles by Zemanta Car vs. Bicycle – How it feels on the Losing End For Chinese, Bike Remains Ideal City Ride Say Goodbye to Bike […]

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