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Terminator 4!

July 17, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

Batman (Christian Bale) is in Terminator 4! Nuff Said. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0438488/ Related articles by Zemanta Batman…Uh, I Mean John Connor is About to Waste This Terminator [Terminator]

The Great Nokia E90 Review, Episode 1, The Hardware

January 13, 2008 by · 35 Comments 

This review isn’t going to include a series of test photographs comparing this phone’s camera to that of a Samsung or even to that of a sibling ‘N series’ device. This isn’t that kind of phone. This is a ‘business phone’. This phone is about getting business done. It is about not only projecting the […]

Why I didn’t buy an iPhone and why I’m sticking with my E61i for now…

November 13, 2007 by · 33 Comments 

I admit. I’m a sucker for Apple gear. It’s pretty, it works, and it’s well thought out. Needless to say, the iPhone drew my attention since its announcement, and this past Friday, it was finally released here in the UK (Even though the USA has had it for a while). I’m really tempted to get […]

The Windows Mobile ‘save yo soul from the iPhone’ Phone – HTC 6800

June 27, 2007 by · 71 Comments 

Overview How do I count the way in which I love thee? That’s how I feel about the PPC-6800 so far. Having lived with the PPC-6700 (the Sprint version of the previous model) for a year and a half, this feels like heaven. The phone is about 33% smaller than its predecessor, and it light […]

Nokia E61i Video Review

June 6, 2007 by · 27 Comments 

I had been dying to get my hands on an E61i ever since they were announced, for I have been a loyal E61 fan. Nokia had done a great job with the E61 in making it a reliable phone with a great battery and lots of screen real estate to take advantage of some of […]

Nokia E61i Bugs so far

May 30, 2007 by · 31 Comments 

I’ve been testing one of the new E61i’s, and so far I have experienced the following bugs.

Nokia E65 Review

May 18, 2007 by · 2 Comments 

This review of the Nokia E65 is more ‘to the point’ because there are many non-unique attributes of the E65 that make it hard to differentiate from its Symbian brothers. My aim is to only focus on the things that set it apart. Read more below…

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