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Nike Triax Speed 100 watch review

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Ever since I started cycling more and more, using an analog watch on my bike started becoming more of an issue since the vibrations can damage mechanical movements. So, I ventured on a quest to find a cheap, reliable, and highly visible digital watch for me to use whilst I biked.

After much research, I narrowed the choices down to Nike and Casio branded watches, and favored the Nike elliptical design for the seemingly larger display real estate and larger numbers over the more squarish looking Casios. In particular, the Nike Triax Speed 100 not only seemed more legible at a quick glance, but was decently priced, had adequate water resistance for my needs (100m), and had good looks to boot.

From a comfort perspective, the watch is slightly bigger than similar Nike watches, but the way the strap and housing are designed, the feel is actually pretty comfortable and lies well and centered on the wrist. The strap has ample holes in it to find that ‘fit’ whether over or under a long sleeve shirt.

The construction of the watch itself is also pretty good, although longer term testing will be necessary before I have an idea of how rugged it truly is. However, one thing that has annoyed me so far is that the buttons seem very easy to press, and thus, I’ve had the watch display other functions rather than the time when I look at it due to how easy it is for even mild pushes to change screens.

Being that what I needed most were a stopwatch and day/date function, I also discovered some nice features the watch has, such as interval training timers (5 in total), run histories, and a power save option that shuts the screen off entirely after a set amount of time (you can set it) to conserve battery life (which is expected to be 2 years).

All in all, it is a nice digital watch with all the essential features and a couple that I wasn’t expecting. I recommend it for the price, but don’t be surprised when you glance at it if the screen has switched to a different function by accidental button push or has either turned off (if you have power save on) entirely.

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