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CampTune Review: A solution to my Bootcamp partition size woes?

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I haven’t tried it yet… and it is in beta, so I have no idea how good or bad it is, but I did get a recommendation from a friend (Thanks St3f4n) who said it did work for him…

Their description states:

“Try the brand new Paragon CampTune™ for MAC OS X and free yourself from OS conventions. As a MAC OS X BootCamp™ user you made the experience to running out of one of your partition’s free space. Until now there were very few possibilities to resize the involved partitions, but to reinstall the second system first. With Paragon CampTune™, it´s now really easy and secure to resize both, the MAC system partition or the second OS partition from BootCamp™.

Let me know if you try it.


I tried it. I totally forgot to backup my drive before doing so too.. so you can imagine my level of stress when I started it… and the beach ball of death started to spin… I got in touch with St3f4n to see if he experienced something like it, and he told me to relax and wait it out. I did.. and it continued until it said operation finished and I hit the button titled close..

But first, maybe I should say what I did start to finish.

First, you download the iso image. Then, as per their site:

CampTune for Mac® OS X is an universal Linux-based bootable image that you can use on Apple Boot Camp. Before using this solution you have to burn it to any CD/DVD.
How to burn:
1. Go to the Disk Utility application
2. Press the Burn button at the top menu
3. Select the ISO image to burn (CampTune in our case)
4. Burn it to any recordable CD/DVD

Then, you boot from the CD, if you have bootcamp installed (why would you be doing this otherwise) hit the option key and select the CD for booting. Then just follow the instructions to get the drive distribution you want. Let it go for an hour and that is where I ended up.. you then hit the close button and you’ll be transferred to a blue screen with a blinking cursor and the Paragon logo. It’ll stay there for ever I think, but it is after the operation has completed.. so I just hit the power button to turn it off, and rebooted. So far it seems to have worked on the Mac side of things, at least both drives are recognized at their new sizes. Will need to boot into Vista to see if there are any anomalies.

Update II:

So far so good, booted into Vista and although it took much longer to boot than usual, in the end it all came through. So.. I can say it worked for me!

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