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How to Format a Western Digital Drive to Mac HFS Journaled

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I received a Western Digital My Book Essential 1TB external drive as an early Christmas gift, and of course it came pre-formatted in FAT. When I used the disk utility to Erase the drive and format it in HFS, it didn’t work.. constantly failed with the message:

“file system verify or repair failed”

So I got on the internetz and found a solution. However, I did modify it a bit, in that I chose option 1 (GUID) so that I could boot from an Intel PC.

Update: If you’ve done this sort of thing before go straight to section B, otherwise keep reading:

  • Go to your applications folder -> open the folder that is called utilities
  • Open the application called Disk utility
  • You will see various hard drives on the left hand side of the application window. Select the one that is from the hard drive you have plugged in (If you’haven’t plugged it in, do it now).
  • There will be four or five tabs on the middle screen that will say something like, First Aid, Erase, Partition, RAID, Restore
  • Click on Partition.
  • Then just select one Partition, give your hard drive a new name, and select Mac HFS (Journaled)
  • Select Options on the bottom and then click the first option.
  • Then just hit Apply
  • This should do it.

SECTION B – Follow the instructions below:

I had the same problem with the Western Digital My Book Essential 1TB External Drive that I bought. It kept failing when I tried to reformat it for my Mac as Mac Extended (journaled). I was ready to return the drive because it was so frustrating!

I called WD customer support and they walked me through it over the phone:

This is what worked perfectly:

Use the Apple Disk utility software that comes with your Mac.

PARTITION your Mac as 1 Partition and while you are in that same window, SELECT OPTIONS.

THIS IS THE KEY: There are 3 radio buttons in the popup window for formatting options. The drive was preset as the bottom button PC formatting and you have to chose the middle button which is for Mac.

Click apply and finish formatting your drive. Works perfectly.

One other thing, it is a good idea not to have any applications running when you format the drive.

Hope this helps.

From: http://en.kioskea.net/forum/affich-4848-wd-my-book-formattin

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