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Ultimate Ears Metro.Fi 200 headphones review

December 28, 2008 by · 31 Comments 

metrofi-200 headphones The Ultimate Ears Metro.Fi 200 headphones are the latest ear cans that I’m trying out after I lost my trusty Beyerdynamics.

There are many new iPhone compatible (thin plug for 1G iPhone + Microphone)  headphones out in the market; far more than when I tried out the V-Moda’s a while back. This is very promising as the first few headsets that were non-Apple left a little to be desired.

I chose the Metro.Fi 200 s because:

  • They looked rugged
  • They come from a respectable brand
  • They are of relatively low cost vs. competitors
  • They were not cable asymmetrical (I hate that!)
  • They have a low profile microphone and control button (so it doesn’t significantly weigh down one ear more than the other)
  • The cable did not look like it was sticky (the Sennheiser cable is the stickiest one out there, sometimes yanking the phones out of your ears when it catches your clothes)

However, I do have some minor gripes with them:

  • The sound quality is not as ‘deep’ as the Sennheisers or Beyerdynamics… perhaps more neutral-sounding. They do have a nice rounded sound though, and aren’t as ‘flat’ to me as the Bang & Olufsen A8s.
  • The button is too easy to press and can accidentally stop the music from playing. Double clicking is possible, but doesn’t reliably work, also causing an unecessary pause.

Those two gripes aside, the headphones seem to be holding up after a month’s use with no discernable loss in quality or cable failure. The cables are great and are the least sticky I’ve used.. on par with the Beyers. The microphone works well for calls too.

In conclusion, I recommend them if you don’t want deep deep bass.

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