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Not ‘New News’ but the Palm Pre is hot and the iPhone is looking rather limited.

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The Palm Pre introduction video:

Does a good job of leading up to the actual product and I must admit it looks pretty hot. What is interesting to me is how dated it made the iPhone feel…

It looks like Palm fixed many of the UI issues on the iPhone, such as going back within an application easily through the use of ‘gestures’, allowing for multitasking while making it easy to see what is running (what they call cards), having easy web-services (cloud) intergration with their default apps (like address book), integration of messaging methods (synergy) and screen bottom, and even their quicklaunch mechanism via gestures and search.

A thing that I don’t like about the iPhone, is that it feels like one man’s vision of the ideal phone. Similar to a work of art that is pretty damn good, but ultimately only a subjective view of reality. The lack of user-replaceable battery, the lack of video recording, and the lack of MMS support (it is a protocol for good-ness sakes!), and lack of user managed multitasking, make the iPhone, at times, feel like one man’s technical temper tantrum on what should, and should not be on a phone.

This weekend I went phone shopping with a friend and recommended they get the Nokia E71. That phone is beautiful too, and I must admit I was very jealous of having it when my sister sent me an MMS yesterday about something to my iPhone, and I had to launch the O2 MMS website and type in my number and fetch code to view the message on the web. The insult was that she sent me the message on a Palm Treo from yesteryear and I couldn’t see the message in my fancy shmancy iPhone 3G. What is wrong with that vision?

Anyway, whilst the Palm Pre has yet to really be tested in the streets, it does show a lot of promise provided that it doesn’t make some fatal mistakes. The first being hardware quality. The iPhone is a luxury product for the masses and anything less than that level of build quality is not going to draw much admiration. Likewise, stability is a HUGE factor in the upcoming success of the Pre. Lack of stability would KILL the Pre. Dead. Cold. We don’t want yet another OS that doesn’t live up to expectations. Lastly, battery life. I don’t want another N95 that I need to charge twice a day on my hands. Daily charging is ok, but you need to be able to eek out more to actually stand out.

Kudos to you Palm and I wish you the best. I look forward to trying out the Pre.

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