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Sony Ericsson K800i 3G Camera Phone Review

December 11, 2006 by · 8 Comments 

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The following video review is of the Sony Ericsson K800i, the current king of the camera phones.

The K800i is the 3G version of the USA K790a. It is designed for use mostly in Europe, and because it doesn’t have EDGE, I don’t suggest it for use in the Americas when the K790a is pretty much the same thing.

K800i Video Review

Some additional notes to video review:

  1. Outgoing microphone quality is ok, but not great; a bit ‘thin’.
  2. Construction quality is excellent.
  3. Menu system is fast, and OS is pretty stable with few reboots.
  4. Although I exaggerated a bit in the video, the bluetooth distance isn’t the best.
  5. Video calling is ok, but grainy.
  6. Battery life is pretty good.
  7. Reception is also pretty good.
  8. The earpiece has two buttons for quick access to the gallery, these buttons hurt your ear a bit while on a call for a while.
  9. Speakerphone quality is not that great, a bit distorted, and you have to be close to microphone for other party to hear you.
  10. Video recording quality is not great, it’s small, choppy and grainy. This phone is more for Camera use, with video to be used only in a pinch.

Sample Images (Click for Larger Version):

Thames K800i

Tea Pot

Mews Road

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