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Sennheiser MM 50 Headphones Review

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I don’t think I have been having bad luck with my iPhone headphones, I just think they’ve been poorly made. My Ultimate Ears 200’s broke recently and well, I was left looking for replacements… the new iPhone in-ear’s looked nice and the marketing material spoke to me, so I gave them a shot, but they were some of the worst headphones I’ve used ever.. so I was back at square one.

The Sennheiser MM 50’s were headphones I passed up when looking at the nicer models because:

  1. Like the CX300’s, the cables Sennheiser uses are made of the stickiest material known to man
  2. because their microphone was large and clunky
  3. The cables were asymmetrical, causing to have one cable longer than the other, which usually led to one ear taking the punishment when they were yanked out by accident.

However, left with only one option in the Apple store (other than the ones that are more expensive than I’m willing to spend for something like this), I got the MM 50s two weeks ago. I even went for the white ones in the hope that perhaps the rubber would be less sticky.

So first, with the bad news:

The cables are still sticky and asymmetrical, the microphone is still big, and did I say the cables were still sticky?

That aside…

I don’t know what I was doing mucking around with Apple’s headphones and with Ultimate Ear’s somewhat well-built phones. The Sennheisers are a joy to listen to. They really are quite good.. and cheap (relatively speaking)!

I know different people have different taste in what constitutes good sound from a pair of headphones. Personally I like my electronic music to feel the same way it feels via a loudspeaker. I want to feel it moves me without reverberating or distorting. When I have headphones that lack depth, it’s like that whole part is missing from the music, but all bass all the time is not what I’m about. The MM 50’s manage to balance all of this really well. Really well. Imogen Heap sounds as great as Kaskade and Yo Yo Ma.

The sound aside, the microphone works well enough, in spite of getting snagged on my shirt quite a bit because of its short length. Oh well.. small annoyance to pay I guess. The button is hard to find by touch alone, but responsive enough.

There really isn’t much more to say. These headphones are a great deal for the price vs. the competition. I recommend them, but grease up those cables, cause those things are worse than fly paper!

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