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The iPhone, microwave oven setting #3

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Ok, so we finally get cut, copy and paste, system-wide search, and system-wide landscape keyboard. In addition, if you have a 3G iphone, you get Bluetooth A2DP and MMS to name a few. In total, apparently there are over 100 updates as part of the 3.0 package available this summer (tomorrow if you’re a beta developer).

However, prior to these feature releases, Apple also mentioned the inclusion of APIs to make the platform more ‘Pre’ like, as well as to provide push services. What amazes me is how excited I am about the new features, and yet, most of them, were typical to phones rolled out in 2008. Ironic isn’t it?

That said, Apple took a great device and made it greater. I look forward to seeing how developers will leverage these new APIs, and how they integrate the new ways Apple has enabled them to monetize their apps and services.

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