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My iPhone’s keyboard annoys the &*# out of me.

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I carry both an iPhone and a Blackberry. Several people I know carry this configuration. A lot of people look at me with almost disdain when they realize I carry two phones. Immediately they ask “WHY!?” with an air of surprise, disgust, and almost anguish. The simplest answer is that typing on an iPhone is NOT as great as you would imagine. I admit, I love my iPhone for reading, browsing the web, checking out all the fun apps, using Google Maps and GPS, but the moment I have to text or write an email, guess what phone I switch to? Yup, thats right, a full-keyboard equipped Blackberry 8830 (from VZW no less). Don’t get me wrong. I can type insanely fast on the iPhone’s touchscreen, but it’s just not as responsive, or efficient, as a keyboard with hard keys. Recently, my cousin has been talking about dropping his Blackberry Curve for a 3G iPhone. I have tried to convince him otherwise. Another friend suggested this great article from the NY Times. It is definitely an interesting read, and, in some ways, it voices my own frustrations with the iPhone. Check it out.

Carlos Comment:
I agree with Ralph in that the iPhone keyboard is not optimal for typing. However, I’ve mastered it to the point where I don’t mind it. What I do wish for, would be better mail management. I use an E61i as my work ‘Blackberry’, and appreciate many of the features it has for authoring emails. The spacious keyboard being one of them (and don’t forget copy & paste, but with 3.0, that’s no longer a valid concern).

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