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The iPhone Apps I have on my phone right now.

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iPhone with Skype and SlingPlayer?
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The Apple app store has been out long enough now that the newness of downloading and trying every single app wore off a long time ago. I do continually try new stuff, but I’ve set myself a hard and fast rule, if I don’t use the app at least once a week, or if it doesn’t have a ‘it’ll save me in a pinch’ functionality that I need, I uninstall it (eventually).

That said, this is my current list of Apps in order of usage amount:

  • Tweetie – Twitter client extraordinaire
  • FreeMemory – one of the most useful apps to help you use other apps by freeing up memory
  • Toodledo – Need to keep track of what to do
  • Facebook – cause everyone is on it and accepting invites is faster than having to go to my PC
  • Truphone – cheap calls with and without wifi
  • Skype – cheap calls on wifi
  • Faces – Quick Dial with pics and lots of other features
  • Gorgy Timing Atomic Clock – what can I say, I like precision
  • Planets – to see the sun rise and set times for when I’m planning a bike ride
  • Weatherbug – to see if the above ride is going to get rained on
  • SearchDial – a far better and faster search tool for you address book than Apple’s (until 3.0 at least)
  • Tumblr – to update
  • ebay – to sell my old gadgets
  • Remote – to control my Apple TV
  • ShopShop – so I don’t have the deer in the headlights look in the supermarket when I go
  • Urbanspoon – to find restaurantes near where I am when I get hungry
  • Currency – to check currency rates and depression (mine) rates
  • Bloomberg – to see what crappy state the economy is in today
  • Magic8Ball – to make market decisions after I check economy on Bloomberg
  • Vault – to keep info I frequently forget
  • Backgrounds – to keep the wallpaper ‘fresh’
  • EmailContact – to send people Vcards
  • Warfare Inc – RTS game
  • Firepin – to drop GPS breadcrumbs
  • AllRecipies – for when I get inspired to cook
  • Ultralingua German Dictionary – for when I need to look up something in German and to remind me to rebook German classes
  • Picoli – Photoshop on the iPhone so to speak.. picture enhancement, but I’ve found it less useful lately since the photo quality of the camera is not worth editing
  • TouchTerm – for when I need to use SSH
  • TrainZones – to remind myself of my heart rate zones, although at this point, I think I’m going to delete it since I have them memorized
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