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Vindigo: I love you, I hate you

December 10, 2006 by · 10 Comments 


In case you’ve never used or heard of Vindigo, I suggest you try it out. That’s IF you can. The reason why I am writing this article is because I love Vindigo, and I hope they read this so that they make it available to more people, in more places, and on MORE phones!!!

Vindigo is essentially a city guide on steroids. There are tons of other city guides that you can get from Handago and other software providers that focus on maps only, or restaurants only, but Vindigo does them all. Its interface is eons beyond all others. You first start by selecting a city (they have international cities too), and then a street intersection. The Vindigo people have been good enough to only make the intersecting streets available once you select one street. For some cities, like NYC, it’ll also give you a neighborhood pick.


Lastly, there is a feature that is available via entries or also from the main screen, which is ‘Map’. It’s like a mini, interactive map that lets you scroll through the city, zoom in and out. Apparently there are some features that allow you to use a GPS unit in tandem, and will tell you where you are, but I haven’t been able to try this out.

Regarding the actual content, it includes:

Front Interface Info Interface

Restaurants: Location & phone (dial-able via interface), review, how to get there, and a map of the location that is scrollable!

Bars: Same info as the Restaurants

Shops: Same except no reviews

Services: Excellent category with stuff like Spas

Movies: Another excellent category that allows you to see movies that are out right now, by release date, and or by movie category, by theatre and theatre details too!
Music: Same as movies, but obviously for music

Museums: Similar to all other categories.

Bathrooms: Very useful, essentially a list of places that will let you use their bathrooms when you have to go.

What makes Vindigo even better is that you can wireless synchronize your data, rather than relying on the computer synching process of your PDA to do it (only on Palm devices though). In addition, for people lucky enough to have Vindigo available to them via their carrier, you can download a Java version of the interface for your phone, and it’ll do all of this on the fly (see below).

Java Client

However, this brings me to the end of my praise. Why?

Because it’s been like 2 years since I’ve been asking Vindigo for Symbian OS support, and for direct sale of their Java client, and NOTHING has happened. I mean, these guys are sitting on a gold mine of a product, and they just don’t want to harvest it. They have a London city guide, for example, and unless you use a Palm device or a windows mobile device, you won’t be able to buy their product.. however Europe is SYMBIAN territory! In addition, more people have Java capable phones than smartphones!

So this is what I propose.. follow the link below to request that they add support to Symbian or for your carrier!
The page to request service for your carrier is here.. let them know we want them!

However, if you are a Palm User or a Windows User, then just go to their main page to download it now.

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