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Google Location Favorites

July 16, 2009 by · 39 Comments 

Google_Location I recently logged into my Google account on my iPhone and noticed that it (the browser) was allowed access to check to see where my location was (I don’t remember this being possible in the 2.2.1 version of the OS). Then after it found my location, it allowed me to see “favourite places”.

I clicked on it, and it showed me the list you see to your left. Mid-way down I found a couple of people I kinda was curious about, such as Sasha, a DJ I listen to, and so I clicked on him.

It launched a Bitly link that then went to my Google Maps app and dropped a whole bunch of pins in the London area (since it knew where I was now). All these pins, presumably, correspond to places that Sasha likes. They were mostly around the Marylebone area. Some, I frequented. I felt cool by association.

Several companies out there in the past have tried to build a location based social network, but have struggled to pique the interest of the mass-market, but now with being able to see where your celebrities like to go, I could see people like it more and more (in spite of this not having any social networking features).

Very cool use of the technology, lets see how it progresses beyond just a repository of celebrity locations into a twitter-esque list of locations your followers like.

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