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iPhone 3GS thoughts

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iPhone vs. iPhone 3G
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It is hard to write a review of the iPhone 3Gs. Mostly because there are 500 other sites that have sliced and diced the platform and hardware in more ways that I could afford to, so I’m only going to concentrate on my experiences with it so far on a day to day having upgraded from a 3G rather than focusing on all it can do.

As with everyone else at the time of this post’s writing, my phone is running the 3.0 OS software, so it is pointless for me to review the bugs/features of the software since the topic of discussion is the hardware and since the software will be updated (soon, I hope).

Firstly, I want to mention the reason I was prompted to write this post in the first place> Overheating. I can’t quite tell if it is an OS thing or a hardware thing, but it is spooky. I went to see a movie last night, and when I went into the movie I had a good 3/4 charge on my battery, if not more. When I checked my phone at the end of the movie (3G was off) it was not only hot, but also the battery life was down to 15%. Not good. A quick check of the internetz sez that others are having the same issue. Hopefully it is a software bug that is keeping some process alive that should only fire up occassionally and thus the overtaxed hardware. Let’s hope that’s the case.

Secondly, speed. I think I notice it more on the games than anything else, but even then, it is more of a detail than a must have to ‘keep up’. The 3G and my 2G do feel noticeably slower with the 3.0 software overall, the 3GS just feels as fast as the 3G felt with the 2.2.1 software. That’s it. Nothing ‘hugely better’ on a day to day simple app basis, except for the browser where the speed is more noticeable. Again, I’m emphasizing overall feel… it is there, but it isn’t so so bad on the 3G or so so fast on the 3Gs that it is a STARK contrast.

Audio quality. Although I don’t have a truly scientific way of testing this, I have noticed that I get considerably more people saying they can’t understand what I’m saying with the 3GS leading to repeating myself.  Again, just a data point, not a trend.

Reception. 3G and EDGE reception as about the same as the iPhone 3G, but the WiFi reception feels weaker. Of course, this can be fixed with software to some extent (amplification) but just an observation thus far. Could be fixed with 3.1.

Battery life. It sucks just as much as the 3G. Really. I can’t tell the difference under normal or heavy usage. All the talk about better efficiency.. not noticeable at all, and I still run out of juice around 7pm. (read my review of the Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone for my thoughts on that solution)

Camera. Better, but not revolutionarily so. Video, well it wasn’t there before, so “better”, but not necessarily any better than iPhone 3G video when you used on a Jailbroken phone.

Again, this is a short post because anything else really moves towards the platform, but all in all, unless you need the compass or video recording (and don’t want to Jailbreak your 3G), I’m not convinced that the upgrade, hardware-wise, is all that necessary.

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