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New Intel Atom N450 Notebooks starting to come out…

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Although netbooks based on the N270 Atom Processor have been out for a while and many are now coming out with Windows 7.. I found the experience still to be generally a bit on the ‘slow’ side for things like video and for anything that isn’t basic web browsing even with a memory bump. Using Linux, the UI and app experience felt snappier, but certain apps just aren’t available for Linux..

I was hoping the new Atom N450 processor would bring a bigger jump in performance than initial tests seem to indicate, but at least the power drain has been improved yielding longer battery life.

For the review of the first netbook using the N450, go here:;txt

Hopefully I will be reviewing one of the new ones soon.

Additionally here is some Atom processor info from Wikipedia:

The N270 has 2.5 W TDP designed for netbooks and the 230 has 4 W TDP) designed for nettops, each running at 1.6 GHz core speed (both N270 & 230 are single core) with a 533 MHz FSB speed. The N280 has a 1.66 GHz clockspeed and a 667 MHz. Both the Atom N270 and Atom N280 are single core processors which support Intel Hyper-Threading Technology.

On Dec 21, 2009 Intel announced the N450 with integrated graphics. Total kit power goes from 11.8 W to 7 W with the new processor and chipset, a 40% improvement. Netbooks using this new processor are expected to ship after January 10, 2010. The major new feature includes longer battery life, with 6 cell systems reporting 10 or more hours of battery life.

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