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How To Fix iPod can’t sync error (-48)

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Dead iPod

I started getting “iPod can’t sync error (-48)” on my 60GB video iPod shortly after version 7 of iTunes came out. It is really frustrating because it requires that you restore your iPod many times in order to get it to sync properly, and whenever you need to resync it with new music, sometimes it requires a new restore. It seems that there are MANY people that are having this issue, and the latest Apple firmware has not fixed it either (1.2.1). Niall Mallyon over in the Apple Forums that has come up with a ‘way’ of resolving this issue. Hopefully Apple will take care of this soon. It’s annoying. The process is straight forward but annoying:

1. Configure iTunes to enable Disk Use on the iPod and to NOT start iTunes when you connect the iPod.
2. Shut down iTunes and eject the iPod
3. Reconnect the iPod, run Disk Utility / Repair Disk. This finds lots of errors.
4. Start iTunes and everything runs just fine. I can change settings, add contents, delete content, click Apply etc.
5. When done, eject the iPod, remove the cable and close iTunes
6. Reconnect the iPod, run Disk Utility / Repair Disk. Again, will find lots of errors.
7. Eject iPod
8. iPod should now work fine.
9. When you want to resync, start again from 3 (you may not find any errors though as you ran a Repair Disk is step 6).

Worked for me!


Although the above worked for me on a Mac, many PC owners are also having this problem, and it seems ‘Tony’s Solution’ in the comments below has been the most helpful so far. Thus, as a way to thank Tony for his good work, here is his solution. Thanks Tony!

Tony’s Solution –

“Try this…

If anyone receives such a message, I was able to correct it by:
-Plugging in your iPod to your PC
-Ignore the error messages
-Go to My Computer
-Find your iPod’s drive letter (ie. G:)
-Right-click on it and select Properties
-Go to Tools Tab >Error-checking and select Check Now
You should be able to sync your iPod as before. I do not claim to be an expert so be warned that it may not work for you. Good luck!”

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