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Case Mate Fuel Lite iPhone Battery Pack Review

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Rarely am I just flat out disappointed with a product. Well, that’s the case with the OrangeUK-exclusive Case Mate Fuel Lite iPhone battery pack. It just flat out hasn’t worked for me. Period.

In theory, what it’s supposed to do, is to provide a 1.5x battery life for the iPhone. This way, you get that nice little boost of juice in the afternoon when you’re phone is at 50% power and the obsessive compulsive side of you doesn’t like to see it drop below that level.

To do this, you merely press the button on the back, which activates the battery. However, this button is more sensitive than my bald head in a cold winter’s day. Just taking my phone out of my pocket at times triggered it. The problem with this is that if you want to reserve the juice until your phone drops below a certain level, well it won’t, you burned it by accident. I much prefer Mophie Juice Pack Air’s secure toggle switch.

Audio out and in of the battery pack seem unaffected by the case wrapping around the speaker and microphone, but frankly I didn’t test this enough since the main failure of this product prevented me from using it longer term.

The biggest issue I’ve had with this battery pack is that if flat out doesn’t work to discharge or charge. I constantly received the following error message when trying to use the iPhone with the battery pack engaged:


Furthermore, I also get another message when it is trying to charge (couldn’t get a screenshot fast enough) that was like a hazard sign that it wasn’t supposed to charge.

Frankly, I think this product may have been rushed out or isn’t certified for use with the iPhone.

I also didn’t have a particularly inspiring Customer Service experience. I called their offices and the lady said that because this was a product that they hadn’t launched yet (uhm.. yes they have.. walk into any Orange store…) they didn’t support it. I felt like I was arguing ‘to be or not to be’ with her. Anyway, she said they’d call me back… they never did.

So. I can’t recommend it. Short and simple.

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