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Streaming Spotify to your Stereo: AirFoil Review

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If you’ve ever wanted to stream your Spotify music to your speaker system connected via, for example, an Airport Express or an Apple TV look no further than the Airfoil App from Rogue Amoeba. This simple app (it’s for both Mac and Win, I’ve only used the Mac version though) intercepts the audio from your laptop and allows you to send it to your remote speakers… Go to their website to see how you can set it up differently than my configuration, since the app is quite the Swiss Army knife for configurations.

I have set the AirFoil app to intercept my Spotify audio, sync the volume controls to my laptop, and stream it to my Apple TV which is plugged into my TV speakers (better than my laptop’s speakers). Aside from a little bit of lag from when I hit the control buttons on the Spotify App, the quality of the audio is excellent and I haven’t had any crashes or similar type issues. It just works. When I fire it up, it also fires up Spotify, which is quite convenient. Simple and it works. Couldn’t ask for more.

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