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My iPhone Apps at the mo…

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¬†In case you’re wondering what Chromewalker is using on his iPhone:

  • Tweetie – best twitter client IMHO
  • Facebook – I like mobile apps, I use this 100:1 times over the web version
  • Bookmark – best audiobook reader out there.. lets you tag section, take notes, etc worth it.
  • Spotify mobile – this has 100% taken over my music on my phone. I only use iTunes for podcasts and audiobooks now.
  • Remote – to control my Apple TV
  • LinkedIn – to do the LinkedIn thing
  • FreeMemory – to release memory to play games
  • Skype – to appease mom
  • Truphone – to make cheap calls
  • IM+ – to aggregate all my IM accounts
  • ShopShop – to keep track of my groceries
  • To Do’s – as the name implies, to write stuff that I need to do so that I can forget to do it anyway
  • My O2 – to keep track of my usage
  • Backgrounds – to always find new pictures for my background
  • Atomic Clock – To synchronize watches and clocks to the atomic clock. I’m a bit OCD about this.
  • Weather bug + Accuweather – Because in the UK, one weather app isn’t good enough
  • Bang Bang – I’m not going to explain it here. Look it up.
  • Vault – To store secret stuff.. like my passwords into all my secret clubs
  • Currency – to convert Lempiras to Pounds.
  • Twitterfall – to keep track of conference tweets
  • Touchnote – to send postcards
  • Guitar Toolkit – Best guitar tuner, chord encyclopaedia, and other stuff .. if you’re a guitarist, get it.
  • Bing – to search for stuff
  • Doodle – to organize get togethers with lots of people
  • Chronometer – A horologists dream app. If you don’t know what that means, look it up.
  • The Bible – yes. the Bible.
  • Email Contact – for when I need to email a contact to someone in non-Vcard format (just text)
  • Dual Level – a level.. mostly used to make sure my bike’s saddle is not sloping.
  • Units – unit converter
  • Tumblr – to update my old faston2wheels tumblr blog, which now is a bit defunct frankly (the new faston2wheels is going well though).
  • Opera Mini – Browsing from a different point of view.
  • Planets – to see planet visibilities and to know when the Sun will set (useful for when out biking to not get stranded in the dark).
  • Ultralingua – German dictionary.
  • Ping – to do basic network diagnostics
  • GraphCalc – to do basic Ti-82 reminiscing
  • National Rail – best 5 English bucks I’ve spent… gets me the next train home after I’ve biked to the middle of nowhere.
  • Tweetpush¬†– to push notify me of tweets after boxcar stopped working for me.. don’t know why.
  • Layar – for when i need to augment my reality
  • Foursquare – so that I can become mayor of the most obsqure places in the world.
  • Where – to find stuff around me
  • Picoli and Photoshop Mobile – to edit pictures taken on the iPhone
  • Remote (keynote) – to control the mac when doing presentations via keynote
  • iMorse – for the one odd time in the future when I’m stranded and need to type out a message in morse code
  • AroundMe – again, to find stuff around me
  • Speed Test – to brag to other about how much faster my broadband is.
  • Bump – to exchange contacts (had all sorts of issues with it abroad though).
  • TouchTerm – when I need to do a little SSH action
  • Bloomberg – when I feel finance-y.
  • WordPress – to edit the blogs of course.
  • Air Sharing – to share files and stuff with others
  • Close Call – to modify pictures and insert a ‘call this person in case of emergency’ tag at bottom.
  • PayPal – to pay pals.
  • Countdown lite – a simple countdown timer to next events. My next one? The Dragon ride in 1 month and 16 hours.
  • PwGen – to generate crazy passwords I won’t remember
  • Urbanspoon – to find restaurants near me
  • OpenTable – to book restaurants near me
  • AllRecipies – when I’m not looking or finding places to eat, perhaps to actually cook something.
  • Games – Minisquadron lite, Aftermath, Alive4ever (love it), Heavy Gunner, Sandstorm, i-Gun lite, WifiWarfare, Warfare inc, Siberian, Sprocket, Spider, Pocket God, Toybot 1, Fast & Furious, Sailboat and Sailboat pro
  • Magic8Ball – for when you need to make a tough decision
  • iSimples – if you’re a fan of, you’ll love this.
  • LilJon – in the same spirit as above, but with LilJon quotes
  • iDisk – to store stuff I won’t ever use again
  • Flirtomatic & Soundcloud – great companies!
  • Eurosport – to keep track of cycling events
  • Ocado – to order groceries
  • Digg – to look at digged articles
  • Instapaper – to read stuff later, to bookmark stuff, and to generally put off reading more efficiently
  • Addison Lee – to book cabs
  • Bike Gears – to calculate bike gear ratios
  • Bicycle Buyer magazine and Zinio’s Cycling Plus e-magazine – to read biking magazines on the go!

I had more games, but I purged them… and I got rid of the Kindle app since I was not using it as much as I was hoping I would.. I think because I’m considering getting the iPad to read stuff better there or the Kindle for its simplicity.

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