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Altec Lansing Backbeat Plus Review

July 15, 2010 by · 111 Comments 

The Altec Lansing Backbeat Plus headphones win Chromewalker’s ‘bang for buck’ and ‘longevity’ awards.

These bad boys got me through 7 months of wear and tear in my pockets.. this is a record. They’re not even dead, what happened is that I lost one of the ear buds and now I’ve had to use some that don’t fit quite right. So, durable.. they are..

From a sound quality perspective, they’re not neutral. However, I don’t like neutral (think high end Shures). I like headphones that accentuate bass notes so that beats and bass lines sound nice and rich. This may not be your taste, but hey… you’re probably buying headphones that are over 100 bucks anyway. These headphones are ‘rich’. They make bass notes sound nice and deep. They are great if you listen to House, Drum & Bass, Acoustic rock, etc..

From a construction perspective, they’re rugged. The 7 months of life so far has barely scratched them (other than the loss of the bud). The cables are not rubbery and sticky as they are lined with a sort of textile, the joints are all pretty sturdy, and they don’t tangle. Excellent.

The microphone is good enough and the control button is separated out and a bit lower so you don’t have to reach up as high to change tracks or take/end calls. Nice touch.. although sometimes I trigger it by accident.

They’re also not expensive.. I think I paid $60 for them at an airport store.. so good value for money.

I highly recommend these. Get them while you can since I think they may be discontinuing them.

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