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Nixon ‘The Wire’ 8mm headphones review

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The Nixon ‘The Wire’ 8mm headphones are not great. They’re not horrible, but they’re not great. I went to the Apple store the other day to see if I could replace my aging Altec Lansing Backbeats and found the Nixons were the cheapest alternative that I hadn’t already tried.

They looked nice enough and had a microphone for the iPhone with a controller for changing tracks and ending a call. So I took a punt on them.

As soon as I opened the box they came in, I knew I was in for ‘average city’. First of all, the cables were sticker than the Sennheiser cables which are notorious for being like fly paper. This stickiness creates all sorts of issues because the cables will rip out of your ear at any slight rub with anything… they also transmit more sound on each rub against clothing or otherwise.

On the plus side, they don’t have that weird asymmetrical cable thing that I don’t like.

From  a sound perspective, these are average. No rich bass, but not so flat that they’re boring. They’re actually quite ‘average’. Not bad, not great. Blah.. or as the cool kids say.. Meh.

From a microphone perspective, it was also quite disappointing, not only was the microphone situated just at the right height to constantly get caught on my shirt collar, it was also rather low-def with people asking me to repeat myself more than I’d like to.

So.. there you have it.. other than the price and their ‘averageness’ I can’t say these headphones were all that remarkable or worth remembering.

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