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Apple Press Conference on iPhone 4

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So ┬áhis Steveness said everyone else’s iPhone has issues and therefore we shouldn’t be too harsh on the iPhone 4. WickedEast below was dead on in the, now standardized, presentation format. I’m impressed at how much vision went behind creating a product like the iPhone 4, but quite disappointed that Apple wasn’t more upfront about this whole issue instead of trying to pass the issue off as a ‘signal strength indicator’ flaw. I lost a bit of trust in Apple because of that.


So apparently there will be a press conference this Friday to potentially discuss something related to the new iPhone 4’s antenna issues.. however, no one knows for sure, it could be the launch of a new Apple TV for all we know…

Anyway, reading the comments in Engadget, I found probably what seems to me anyway, the most likely outcome of the conference:

WickedEast Posted Jul 14th 2010 10:22PM
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Here’s what I predict they’ll do:

Steve Jobs will throw at us a bunch of numbers such as: “X million of iPhone 4 sold in Y weeks”; “Of those Z million, 0.AB% were returned, compared to C% industry average.”; “And of that 0.AB%, only D% were because of non-satisfaction with reception.”; and more numbers…

Then, Jobs will puke a bunch of scientific “facts” (and more numbers) demonstrating why the iPhone 4 has the best antenna yet.

Finally, Jobs will conclude by saying that to demonstrate how Apple care about its customers, Apple will offer a free hardware fix for the minuscule number of people who have problems with the reception. The fix is a transparent elastic band.

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