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Star Wars Friday – Battle For Hoth iPhone Game

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T-47 Airspeeder (Snowspeeder)

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The Battle for Hoth Star Wars iPhone game has to be one of the best games I’ve played in a while. Granted, one of the reasons why it is so awesome is because of it’s licensed Star Wars content ,but it is a cool game nevertheless.

In format, it is in the tower defense format, but feels more like a limited scope RTS game.. where you’re not worried about harvesting resources, and can’t really move troops, but can upgrade troops and have the feeling of a good RTS battle.

There is enough variety in the difficulty and troop placement and trenching that the game is always challenging… however, at times I have been annoyed at the controls that are sometimes a bit easy to fat finger (drop the wrong type of unit because you were trying to select the one next to it). Because you don’t have a way of harvesting resources, sometimes you also feel constrained by the resources you have.

Scrolling around isn’t bad, but this game begs to be on the iPad so that you can see the entire warscape. Again, the controls and moving around the screen can be challenging, so sometimes you miss your killed and collected ‘cash’ drops. Frustrating when you’re losing troops in the middle of a battle.

Towards the end of a level, there is always a weird set of troops that seem to get through no matter what as well.. quite weird.

All in all, this game is VERY much worth the price and I highly recommend it.

A good resources to check out on how to best use your troops is here:

Below is the trailer for the game.

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