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Potentially Expensive Bug on iPhone’s 4.0.2 firmware

August 17, 2010 by · 78 Comments 

I’ve noticed a bug on my iPhone running 4.0.2 that could potentially end up being expensive…

I have data roaming turned off and for the most part it works. However, when I fired up the Amazon Kindle app, it seemed to synchronize no problem (not sure if the Kindle app is at fault or if a subset of data-requesting apps). Then, all the other apps that were open or had access to data ( in particular), fired up and accessed the data network as well. In total I have about 1MB of data usage racked up that I did not expect to have. Thankfully, I noticed this quickly, so regardless of who is at fault, the damage is only 3 English bucks or so as O2 charges 3 Pounds per MB in the EU (and 6 outside the EU).

When I go to the usage page of the iPhone’s settings, it actually shows an increase in data consumed, so I know this isn’t just a perception. I have checked to see that data roaming is still off and it is… and there is no EDGE or GPRS or 3G icon on the display. It is the weirdest thing ever.

The only workaround is to turn off cellular data AND roaming data.

Do this for now or run the risk of having a nasty surprise.

Apparently, some at Trusted Review have also noticed this.. see article below.

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