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How To Connect a non-cooperative USB Device to Parallels (eg. Nokia PC Suite)

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Although I don’t need to use the Nokia PC Suite for synchronizing my E61 with my Mac, I do need it for the phone firmware update. Thus, needed to connect the phone to my Parallels Win2K image. There is a hiccup that usually occurs when you do this though, and thus there is a workaround! If you don’t use Nokia devices, don’t worry, this can be used for other devices that exhibit the same problem as well.
Kudos to Karunko from the Parallels forum on this one:

1) Start Parallells and run your OS of choice;

2) Plug in the USB device;

3) From Parallels, select the device for the list at the bottom right for the screen;

4) See the error message? Okay then try the following:

– Open a Terminal and type the following four commands to unload the drivers marking the
device “in use” (even though OS X doesn’t know what to do with it):

sudo kextunload -b

sudo kextunload -b

sudo kextunload -b

sudo kextunload -b

(Note: this is a non destructive action and the drivers will be loaded *again* next time
you plug in any USB device).

5) From Parallels, select the device from the list at the bottom right of the screen again
and, this time, everything should work normally (assuming the proper drivers have been
installed, etc.)

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