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AKG K 370 Headphones Review

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The AKG K 370’s replaced my trusty Altec Lansing Backbeats which, unfortunately died after about a year of service.

As many of you know, I demand quite a bit from my headphones…

1) I want durability..

2) I want controls that make sense and don’t get in the way (if with a microphone)

3) I want non-sticky cables.

4) I want sound quality that has a well-rounded bass.

5) I like a comfortable, but good seal in my ear to reduce the amount of external noise

So, how do the K370’s fare?

Well, when it comes to durability, only time will tell, but these AKGs feel nice and solid. The connection points look very well sealed and these look quite ‘rugged’.

When it comes to the controls, it looks like a soviet-era designer took to the microphone piece. It is a square-ish block that is on the ‘large-ish’ side and is on the left wire vs the right wire of your headphones (which seems to be the standard across various brands). So, does it work, yes, but it is not very easy to get multiple clicks. The sound quality of the microphone is good as well.

The CABLES!!!! ARgh…. whilst not as bad as the Sennheiser fly-paper stickathons, the AKGs are definitively sticky. Probably the worst feature of these headphones is their honey-coated cables. You know, the kind of stickiness that grabs a bit of your jacket and then yank the headphones out of your ear. I applaud those manufacturers that wrap cables in some sort of non-stick cloth or material.

Now.. the sound quality…. In this area.. these bad-boys shine. Whilst not as bottom-end friendly as my Altec Lansings, these AKGs are quite balanced. So all my music sounds quite good. Highly recommended in this regard.

And lastly, regarding comfort.. after the painful experience that was the Monster Tour headphones… these are pleasant to use and don’t bother when in your ear for extended period.

All in all, the AKG’s are a keeper for me and I give them an 8.5/10

For more info on the K370’s go here.

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