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DodoCase for iPad 2 Review

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I returned home after a rain-delayed flight home to find an early Easter present in my mailbox. My DodoCase for the iPad 2 had arrived! DodoCase pitches their case as hand-made locally by adapting traditional bookbinding techniques to house and protect new electronic devices. While “manufactured locally” is relative to your own location, it holds true for me since I happen to be in the San Francisco where they are located. Too bad I can’t walk to a retail store and buy it locally…[sarcasm] Enough griping and on to my extinct bird experience!

Overall I found the case to be well crafted and refined-looking, if unremarkable with its book-like appearance. But maybe that’s the point? A nice, but subtle feature is the beveled corners of the cover, loosely mimicking the soft corners of the iPad. The iPad is recessed but visible on the edges of the case. It would be easy to assume it is a boring ol’ book at a quick glance.

The case has a black faux leather finish typical of many books. Great grip especially compared to the slip-sliding tendencies of the naked iPad. The core material is dense and stiff and provides decent protection from incidental encounters with the corner of a table or pressure from an overstuffed bag. Certainly better than the standard magnetic Smart Cover. The interior of mine is standard red ‘fabric’ adorned with an old-school looking DodoCase sticker – other colors are available for an upcharge. It begs to be customized with doodles and stickers…

The iPad is housed in a bamboo frame with mitered corners glued together and then glued to the cover. Each mitered corner has a concave rubber bumper that captures each corner of the iPad. This provides a very tight fit, grasping the slight metal seam between the metal case and the glass of the iPad. My attempts to shake or otherwise “accidentially” dislodge it were unsuccessful. each corner of the iPad is enclosed by the book cover and bamboo frame so it should help prevent damage in a dreaded “corner drop”. I chose not to test this…

There are a few things to watch out for. The rear-facing camera is blocked by the case, which they acknowledge on their website. The headphone jack fits typical earbud jack sizes, but it fatter plugs may have difficulty. The sleep button is close to the corner of the case and reaching it requires a slender finger to probe into the case. The case also has an elastic strap that holds the cover tightly closed. In my experience with traditional notebooks these elastic bands often lose their stretch after a year or so. I hope that isn’t the case here. The case can be readily folded back on itself to serve as an inclined platform, although it goes against everything instilled into me by librarians to fold the spine backwards.

Overall impression: 4.5/5. Solid build quality with good materials in a classic package. Nice tactile feel and grip to prevent accidental drops. Reasonable protection if it should happen. If you’re looking for a high quality cover with an incognito look for your iPad 2 be sure to put the DodoCase on your list.
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