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Timbuk2 Plush Sleeve Review (for the iPad)

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When I bought my original iPad, I also purchased the original rubbery-feeling Apple ipad case. Although convenient to use, it lacked the crucial cushioning necessary to protect the iPad from blows or dents. For that very reason, one fine day when I had my godzilla-esque UK plug in the same bag as the iPad + case, the plug’s contacts dented the back part of my original iPad. Not really bad, but just enough to let me know that if I wanted to carry the iPad in a bag with other items, it did merit more protection.

Fast forward to now, where I recently acquired an iPad 2. In an effort to protect my new toy from the same fate that befell its predecessor, I looked into more protective means by which to house the iPad while in transit within my messenger-style bag. The Timbuk2 Plush Sleeve came to the top of mind being that they are known for the ruggedness of their products, so I went ahead an ordered one (Because I live in the UK and they don’t ship there without a ridiculous shipping charge, I had to get a friend to bring it over).

The Sleeve itself looks quite cool. It has ballistic nylon on the outer, but the look overall is quite cool and refined with Timbuk2’s logo prominently sewn on the front. The inner part of the sleeve is made up of a very soft material which presumably helps wipe the crud off the screen as well as preventing it from getting scratched. However, in practice, it does little cleaning (if that was the intended purpose). The sleeve can fit both the original iPad and the iPad 2 + the smart cover, and it fits cradled within the sleeve’s memory foam (like the tempurpedic mattresses sold in Sharper Image) which presumably help to prevent the very dents that my original iPad received when carried within a larger bag. Overall quality of construction is top quality as products from Timbuk2 generally are.

However, for all its merits, I am a little disappointed by the level of innovation from Timbuk2 on having this sleeve work as a way of both carrying and using the iPad. Had Timbuk2, for example, made a cut-out so you could have the headphone-jack exposed while having the flap closed, it would have made the sleeve far more useful as a way of both transporting the iPad as well as using the iPad for things like music, when out and about. Another point to consider that Timbuk2 could have further examined was the use of velcro instead of something else (magnets?) to keep the flap closed. The Velcro is very loud and this is particularly noticeable when you are in meetings and you want to take a quick look at something on the iPad.

I would definitively recommend the Plush Sleeve, particularly if you carry your iPad in a larger bag full of other stuff that could injury your new toy. Timbuk2, if you’re reading this, perhaps in the next revision you’ll consider placing some cutouts to make the product more usable in a variety of situations.

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