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NewerTech NuPad Base Review

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Sometimes solutions to problems are as simple as buying a sticker.

In this case, the problem is that Mac Mini’s come with a plastic bottom that is like teflon when you have it on a nice smooth AV mount or with Mac Mini’s one on top of the other. The thing just slides all over the place! The problem is particularly aggravated when you have a very thick HDMI cable that just doesn’t want to bend when placed within a rack and thus your Mac mini ends up rotating on the spot all the time.

NewerTech’s NuPad “Sticker” effectively fixes the problem by adhering to the bottom of your MacMini and increasing the coefficient of friction between your MacMini and whatever it is sitting on top of. It works.. well, it works like it is supposed to.

In case you’re wondering, what’s the catch.. well, I’m trying to find one. First, I have no idea if there will be any thermal dissipation impact to the MacMini, but being that this isn’t on a spot that is intended for thermal venting, I figure it should be ok. Then, there are two holes used for helping you open the base which the “sticker” covers up, but simply exerting more downward force on disk while rotating it suffices to accomplish the same goal, so.. back to square one, can’t really see the downside to using the NuPad.

All in all, a simple and cheap solution to an annoying problem.

You can find the NuPad Base here:

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