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DODOcase BOOKback for iPad2 Review

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In my experience with the original iPad, reading in bed was made easier when you had the iPad within a case where the back of the iPad was covered so that it wouldn’t slip from your hands, for the Alu surface can be quite slippery and cold to the touch. With the launch of the iPad 2 and with Apple’s new Smart Cover, I wanted to be able to use my iPad ‘naked’ and thus, I would need something to not only protect the backside of the iPad 2, but also keep it from feeling so ‘cold’ to the touch.

Again, sometimes problems are as easy to solve as simply buying a “sticker”.

The BOOKback by DODOcase is effectively a ‘book feeling’ sticker that is applied directly to the back of the iPad and gives it minimal protection against scratches and provides you with the familiar book-like feel when you’re reading.

Applying the sticker is a pain (as most are), although you can re-use the sticker several times if you get it wrong. I tried and tried but couldn’t get the camera perfectly centered while having the speaker grille also perfectly centered, so in the end, I compromised by having the camera hole a little askew, but not covered so that the speaker grille would be perfect.

Once applied, I must say it does the job quite well. It looks and feels great, but I do think that it could be improved a bit. Firstly, the camera cut-out could be made just a tad bit bigger so that the margin of error for application didn’t have to be so ‘tight’. Secondly the little ‘horn’ that sticks out at the bottom left of the above image (the left part of the speaker grille cut-out) is the Achilles heel of the sticker. In my experience with stickers that end up in sleeves in and pockets all the time, sharp corners like these usually are the first to ‘peel up’. I’ve already noticed that simply from having the iPad 2 in and out of my Timbuk2 iPad Sleeve, it has already started accumulating lint sticking to it, the first signs of an eventual peel-off. I may just do minor surgery and cut it off and round-out the corner to avoid this from happening.

At $20 I think the ‘sticker’ is a bit steeply-priced, but then again, I think DODOcase is selling you on the ‘book’ ethos they are after. All in all, I’m happy with the purchase, but perhaps the next version could improve the design just a bit.

You can get the BOOKback from DODOcase here (I had to pay extra to have it shipped to the UK):

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