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Amazon New Kindle ‘Official’ Cover / Case Review for Wi-Fi only model

December 4, 2011 by · 22 Comments 

As per my recent Kindle review, I did find that the Kindle needed protection for the screen when in a bag so I decided to look into cases.

All the cases except the official one from Amazon had little elastic straps to hold the kindle in, which, in my opinion, marred the look of the device when reading from it within the case. I wanted something more akin to the ‘smart cover’ system from Apple, and the only one that was like that was Amazon’s own Kindle Leather Cover for £30.

Let’s first talk about the price. Yes, the cover feels ‘quality’, but considering that the Kindle is £89 in the UK ($79 in the USA with Ads on it), that means that cover is one third the cost of the device. Imagine buying a £600 iphone and paying £200 for a case!!!!! That’s ridiculous!

But oh well… it is either that or a broken device. It would have been nice for Amazon to perhaps have provided a bundling option for both Kindle and a cover…

Anyway, the cover itself is quality though, and it snap on to the back of the Kindle quite firmly and feels great. It is exactly what I wanted for the Kindle with only two caveats:

1) It does as substantial ‘bulk’ to the otherwise thin and light Kindle. As in, it feels both heavier and fatter.

2) It doesn’t quite protect the 5 way rocker and buttons.

On the last point, basically the buttons on the Kindle just get squished when the cover is closed. I can feel them crunching when I have the kindle tightly held. This doesn’t seem like it would be a huge issue, but wish the cover had perhaps cut out some room for them.

Lastly, the reading experience is better with the cover because the flap, when turned back on the device makes it easier to grip.

So, in conclusion, I do recommend it as the only cover I actually truly like for the Kindle, but can’t say that it is a 10/10 if you include the price and the button mashing.


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