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How To Create an Encrypted Disk in Mac OS X

January 24, 2007 by · 25 Comments 

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Mac OS X has a great little feature to allow you to create encrypted (AES-128) disk images. If you ever need to send an important file, this is one great way to do it:
First, you need to open Disk Utility and create a new disk image like so (click for larger image):

Create Disk 1

Then, when you have the new image selector, you type the name of the image, and change the encryption to AES like so (click image for larger picture):

Create Disk 2

Lastly, choose a password for the encrypted disk image:

Create Disk 3

If you do not want the PC in which you made the image to automatically open the image, unclick the keep the password option.

One very good use for this type of disk image is if you are one of many on a public use Mac, and want to keep your files hidden from everyone else, but on the hard drive.

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