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My Favorite Phone Brands (As of Oct. 2006)

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Sony Ericsson

People ask me for phone recommendations all the time, so short of actually recommending a specific phone, I will limit this discussion to a list of my pros and cons for the brands on a general basis. Please take into consideration that I am a Mac user and that I use iSync to synchronize my data with my phones.

Sony Ericsson –
Currently, SE phones are my favorite for a couple of reasons. The first is that their high end camera phones have been consistently taking better pictures than the competition, and also they tend to have better battery life than the competition. However, not all their phones have been great over the years. One of the major cons that I’ve had with them in the past has been how much the reception can vary from phone to phone. From an iSync perspective, they sync ok, but not the pictures from address book, and most (not including the K800i) do not sync all of the data fields in a contact.

Nokia used to be my favorite, but two things happened. The first was the their software started getting buggier and buggier leading to various crashes and unexpected delays. That annoyed me enought to re-try SE phones. In addition, their battery lives have not kept up with the rest of their innovations, leading to phones that are cool spec-wise (N80) but not autonomy from the wall-wise. Nokia continues to impress me, though, and I will give them a shot again when the N95 comes out.

I do not like Motorola. I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like their address book, their calendar, or their ugly low-fi noises. I do not like them. That said, they are ‘purty’, and they have good radios (reception). Those with a boat-load of patience (my mom), loves them.

One of the biggest reasons why I don’t use samsung is because they are not currently supported by iSync. However they are reliable cute phones with good features and great construction. I find the quality of Samsungs their best characteristic.

Again, no iSync support, but of inferior build quality to the Samsungs. I’d rather get a Samsung. Their Chocolate phone is cool though.

Palm Phones –
I love these phones.. the Treos with the Palm OS. I’ve been waiting for the new unlocked GSM-based Palm OS’d version to come out. However, they do tend to be pretty buggy as of late. My Treo 650 did have quite a bit of reboots and hangups which can be annoying.

Windows Mobile Devices (Any) –
I don’t like windows devices for many reasons. I don’t want to go into further detail here, but it also includes any Treos with Windows Mobile.

I’m not a anti-microsoft nut, it’s just that I’m consistently dissapointed by bugs, lack of user-interface elegance, lack of attention to detail, and system sluggishness. And yes.. more than the Palm based ones.

Blackberries (Any) –
These are made for mobile email retrieval. They do this extremely well. That is what they were made for. They don’t do anything else well (media), but that which they set out to do, they do pretty well. If that’s what you need, then you won’t go wrong with one of these.

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