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Video Review of the Bluetooth Jawbone Headset

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Bluetooth headsets are almost a communications commodity now. They are affordable, reliable, and for the most part, work as they are supposed to. However, the two things that continue to affect them are the sound quality that the user hears (incoming) as well as the sound quality the call recipient (on the other end) hears (outgoing).

Aliph’s Bluetooth Jawbone sets out to tackle the latter by incorporating their Noise Shield technology into their latest headset. Although you as the user will still have to deal with whatever noise is around you, the idea is that with this headset, your call recipient will not have to deal with it.

Click below for my video review of this headset.

Video Review of the Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

Below are two files that can provide you with an idea of how the headset sounds in practice from the receiving end. As you will be able to tell, there is a bit of delay between when the noise is generated and when the headset ‘cancels’ it out. Once cancelled, the exterior noise does go down substantially, but so does the quality of the voice transmission.

Sound File 1 (AMR)

Sound File 2 (WAV)
This particular file is interesting because it starts off with the sounds of the vacuum cleaner in the background, then, the noise shield cancels the sound, but the voice is a bit muffled, and then the vacuum cleaner goes off and the voice becomes clear(er).

In conclusion, this is still probably one of the better headsets in the market, and thus you won’t be disappointed if you treat it as a regular headset with this additional feature that can sometimes help you out in a pinch. I’m keeping mine as my primary for now, but am looking forward to the second generation of this headset that hopefully will improve the incoming sound quality and speed of noise reduction.

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