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Nokia Podcasting Application – On E61

April 15, 2007 by · 17 Comments 

Nokia Podcast

For those of you with Non “N” devices that are Series 60 3rd edition, I have good news.

Nokia’s Podcasting application does work on your phone (or at least it worked on my non-N, E61). This application is actually very handy, for you can set it to automatically download podcasts when you’re at your home via WLAN or while away using GPRS/3G. You can set the time to check for updates, and you can subscribe to podcasts that aren’t listed in the directories provided if you type in the URL. Playing the podcast launches the built-in media player.

I think the only thing that doesn’t work may be podcasts that include video. I’ll try it out later, but for now, audio-only seems to work just fine.

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