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SMS Chat for S60 3rd Edition.. Finally?

May 25, 2007 by · 4 Comments 

SMS Chat

I have only been jealous of Palm Treo users for their marvelous SMS application, that places sent and received SMS messages into a chat-thread format. Symbian/Nokia, so far, has been reluctant to innovate in the presentation of SMS, and has continued to rely on the chronological listing of SMS messages, which at times can become disorienting if you are keeping a chat threat alive over the course of days. Hence, this new application that I found called SMS Chat for S60 3rd edition.

It’s not quite perfect, but it is the best effort I have seen so far. I’m actually considering buying it. It works by reading your inbox and formatting your incoming and outgoing messages into a chat format. You will still have your regular inbox and at times may have to manually mark incoming messages as ‘read’ in order to get rid of the new message icon (there is a setting within the application to mark messages as read, but it works intermittently). The application also needs to query your address book to pick a contact phone number to initiate chat threads. This can be a bit slow, but works well enough. Once the chat thread is established, the display looks similar to that of the treo, and you can even change the themes.

To get a better idea of the experience, it is best to download the demo from their site.
I actually like it enough to keep using it longer.

Go to the site here.

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