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Widsets.. a vision of the future to come?

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Widsets, I believe, is a vision of the mobile future to come. It is a pseudo-runtime environment for mobile widgets that allows the user to circumvent WAP as a way of obtaining information from the web. We have all had frustrating experiences browsing the web (in some form or another) via traditional phone browsers or optimized ones such as Opera’s mini (which I personally like very much), but I believe this is largely because we’re expecting the same kind of experience that we have on a Mac/PC.

If you take a look, however, at what we usually browse for while attempting to use the mobile web it is usually some limited set of things. These can include quick facts like sports news (or any other kind of news), encyclopaedic-searches, picture searches, and maybe phone customization items. The beauty of widsets is that it lets you pick widgets that retrieve the specific search stream that you typically do, and have them ready for you in one large horizontally scrollable environment (at least on my E61 it is this way). This is, in theory, far easier than the traditionally serial method that we use to browse the mobile web (visit site 1, type url for site 2 [or use bookmark], visit site 2, visit site 3, and so on), for you only have to have your mobile environment up and running.

That’s not to say widsets is the end all be all, but it is a start. In its current state, it can be painfully slow to load its widgets, not all the widgets are of equal quality, and it is a standalone app that’s most likely being downloaded only by the mobile cognoscenti (as opposed to being pre-installed by carriers). However, I wouldn’t doubt it if in the future we started seeing more of these sorts of projects gaining more widespread use.

If you haven’t played with it already, go check it out at:

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