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Nokia E61i Bugs so far

May 30, 2007 by · 31 Comments 

Small E61i

I’ve been testing one of the new E61i’s, and so far I have experienced the following bugs.


1) Plenty of Web Time Outs.
2) Browser crashes instead of not showing content that isn’t compatible.


1) The email shortcut button, no matter what mailbox I select, still connects to Nokia’s business software page. VERY annoying.
2) There are lags in the OS, and sometimes after a call, it can hang for a while (but then returns to normal).


1) The loudspeaker option disappears very quickly after the call is initiated and then is only accesible via the menu softbutton. After this transition a mute option replaces the loudspeaker option. Other Symbian phones leave the Loudspeaker option throughout the call.


1) Not really a bug, but can’t focus close up. Making it difficult to use services such as ScanR
2) Grainy!

Email –

1) Large lag between once the message has been downloaded, message is opened, and text is actually shown.
2) Sometimes mail retrieval will hang, although not as often as the E65 did in my recent interview.
3) Automatic retrieval doesn’t always work, but hard to replicate as to when.

My firmware version:


My pictures of the E61i vs the E65 can be seen here.

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