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Nokia E61i Video Review

June 6, 2007 by · 27 Comments 

Small E61i

I had been dying to get my hands on an E61i ever since they were announced, for I have been a loyal E61 fan.

Nokia had done a great job with the E61 in making it a reliable phone with a great battery and lots of screen real estate to take advantage of some of the great Symbian software out there. However, one thing was missing for me, and that was the camera. Once I got the E61i though, I soon realized that there was more to this phone than just the inclusion of a 2MP average shooter.

To begin with, its design is so much more pleasing to the eye than that of the E61. The E61i just exudes elegance. In addition to the design, call quality and sound is improved. Reception continues to be stellar, the screen is great to look at both in bright light and dark conditions, and the added features that are part of the most recent version of the Series 60 3rd edition make it that much more useful.

The video below captures some of my additional thoughts, and in my article titled “Nokia E61i Bugs so far”, you can read about the issues I have been experiencing with it.

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In conclusion, I think that the E61i is worth the upgrade from the E61 if you are regular consumer. It looks nicer, has more software features, is slimmer, and has a camera, and although it isn’t quite as ‘production ready’ as the E61 for enterprise use, it shows a lot of promise, and I can see it replacing many a blackberry in the future.

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