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Wear your helmets…

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Bike Helmet

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I’ve been saved by a bike helmet twice. Once when I hit a rock (mountain) and once when I hit a car (road).

There is a story in the BBC about how wearing a helmet actually makes you more likely to get hit (if you’re a guy), but I don’t buy their argument. You can rest assured that I am now convinced of the importance of going out with a good helmet on my head regardless of how dorky I may look.

Being that this is a site about technology, helmet technology is also quite interesting when you start researching it.

Two things I didn’t know:

1) Those cool elongated teardrop looking helmets are less safe (see site below for details) than rounder shapes.

2) Large vents, although nice for heat reduction make compressive forces concentrate around areas where there is no vent (obvious, but seriously, did you think about this when you bought your helmet?).

This is one decision where equipment cost will no longer be a deciding factor. Here are some sites with helmet reviews.

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