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Gizmo Project (on a WiFi phone) vs Truphone

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So, before continuing on my review of VoIP providers in general I just wanted to compare the two main players in the VoIP on the WiFi phone market; Gizmo & Truphone.

Truphone, as I’ve stated before, keeps on getting more & more features. The latest being the ability to send SMS via your WiFi connection, thus effectively reducing your cost per message by up to 70% (depending on where you SMS and your carrier). However, what got me started playing with Gizmo was that because of all these new features, Truphone ‘growth’ started making my phone act all weird, and I had to hard reset it before figuring out what was causing the issue.

Over time it seemed the latest version of the Truphone client would corrupt my voicemail configuration (would not let me use my voicemail shortcut key) and then my phone would become unstable to the point of shutdown. I have now since figured out how to fix it (and will post something on it later, it has to do with some settings that get written twice), but that’s when I really felt the need to try out Gizmo.

After uninstalling Truphone, I was pleasantly surprised at how simple the Gizmo installation was. I mean, truly simple. After all, all it does is configure the already existing SIP client of the Nokia E61i. Once configured, all I did was provide my login details and off I went.

Although I lost the ability to sms via wifi, and now I get my voicemails emailed to me rather than calling them directly via the phone’s voicemail shortcut like Truphone (that part actually kind of sucks), the Gizmo solution is simple and it works. If you have a Gizmo CallIn number (so people from other countries can call you via a local number to them) this will forward onto your mobile too. Call quality was equal to or better to Truphone’s and although it doesn’t connect automatically to a network like Truphone, this is probably better for my battery anyway.

One nice thing about the Gizmo solution is that now I can use my credits on both my PC Gizmo client when @ home AND on my wifi phone when traveling. Very flexible.

In conclusion, both Truphone and Gizmo Project have compelling solutions. One is technically cool but can cause issues and cost a lot if calling to specific locations (see link below), the other (Gizmo) is simple but straightforward to use. You pick!

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