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VoIP provider comparison… Part 1.5 – Customer Service

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Continuing on with my analysis, I wanted to see which of these providers solved customer problems quickly.

I haven’t really had that many customer service issue with any of the service providers… so I haven’t artificially created them (although I may try in the future, just to try and round out the ratings). As it would seem (logically), the solutions that are more phone-centric have caused less problems than those that are more computer/soft-client centric & generally feature-rich.

-> is for issue being reported
<- is for issue being resolved

Skype – SkypeIn issue (solved)

-> 30 June 2007 10:42:22 BDT
<- 30 June 2007 17:30:13 BDT

Truphone – Voicemail Issue (somewhat solved)

-> 14 July 2007 18:24:01 BDT
<- 17 July 2007 20:46:18 BDT

Gizmo Project – Billing Issue (UPDATE: SOLVED)

-> 21 July 2007 14:24:01 BDT
<- 26 July 2007 19:28:38 BDT

Jajah (no data, haven’t had any issues)

Rebtel (haven’t had any issues, only password resets since I forgot it twice)

The conclusion is somewhat obvious (although there isn’t tons of sample data), if you want something that is simple and reliable, go for the less complicated phone-centric options.

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