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VoIP provider comparison… Part 2 – Call Quality

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This analysis is probably the least objective of the VoIP provider comparison series, for I’m going solely on my perceptions of voice quality and not comparing codecs or bit rates. Different people will most likely have different opinions on the matter, but again, I am merely going on what I have experienced. Feel free to leave your personal experiences in the comments.

Skype (on a PC) – I generally don’t use Skype to Skype calls since most of the people I call are moving about or logged off. Hence, this is mostly an analysis of their SkypeOut service. In general, I have found the call quality to be acceptable, but with the occasional garbled sound and drop outs. In general, acceptable.

Truphone vs Gizmo project (on a WiFi enabled phone) – For both Truphone and Gizmo Project, the signal deterioration when moving away from the access point was greater than on a laptop. Thus, quality degraded faster than it would over a wireless connection on a laptop the further I walked away from access point. That said, I was really impressed with both providers, but found Gizmo to sound just a tad better in general.

Gizmo Project (on a PC) – Again, I was impressed at the call quality of Gizmo Project when calling out to regular phones. I’ve read many people have had issues in the past. I’m assuming that Gizmo Project has fixed this since I joined.

JaJah (on a regular phone via a PC launch)
– I can’t say I’ve been too impressed with Jajah’s call quality. I’ve made several calls where both parties are in full signal areas, but the sound is garbled or fuzzy.

Rebtel (on a regular phone) – Generally, it’s about on par with Skype’s quality on a PC. Not the best, but not the worst, and generally reliable.

In conclusion, I think I was most impressed with Gizmo Project, particularly since I was expecting it to be the worst. In contrast, I though Jajah would prove to be far better than it really was.

Hopefully all providers will continue to improve on their call quality, for calling out is generally the biggest source of revenue for them (vs messaging and other services).

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