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VoIP provider comparison… Part 2.1 – Reliability

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Continuing on with my analysis, I wanted to see which of these providers were reliable and which were not.
Fortunately, this is a pretty simple analysis, since something either works consistently or it doesn’t. Do not confuse this with call quality, that is a different analysis, and you can see my thoughts on the call quality of the providers in the related articles below.

So.. drumroll…

All of them except Gizmo Project and Truphone have been pretty reliable.

Truphone, the VoIP provider that focuses exclusively on providing access for WiFi enabled phones, did have some times in the past 8 months since I played with it where I just couldn’t connect, and not because of a WiFi glitch. However, lately they have been pretty good and I haven’t had any issues.

Gizmo Project, on the other hand, I think, is still going through growing pains. Yesterday, for example, I could not connect to the service on both my PC and on my phone. I remember when I was doing research for providers late last year that their website was slow to load and half-missing. This is totally subjective to some extent, but it just seems like Gizmo Project needs to mature a little more before it becomes as rock solid as Skype, Rebtel, and Jajah seem to be.

So, in conclusion, connectivity issues are really not that common for any provider, but the only ones I have had issues with are Truphone and Gizmo Project. I think with time these providers will grow into their current popularity and sort any issues out.

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