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How to Print from a recent Symbian device to an HP network printer

August 16, 2007 by · 21 Comments 

Ok, I must admit, this isn’t a general HOW TO since I’ve only done this with an HP Photosmart 3310, however, it may also work for you with other HP models:

First, I went to the ‘HP Printers’ phone application and selected in printers “Photosmart Printers” if you have a different kind, say, an Officejet, use that.

Then, in the phone application called ‘Printers’, I used the following settings:

Printer: Just put any name here, I put “Home Printer”
Driver: General
Bearer: Socket/HP JetDirect
Access Point: Whatever the access point your phone is connected on
Host: The IP address of your printer
Port: 9100
Orientation: Portrait
Paper Size: A4

Then, go to an application like notes or email and you go to printing options -> print -> confirm options -> print. For some reason you can’t print SMS.

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