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Opera Mini 4 Beta is worth the download…

September 10, 2007 by · 24 Comments 


I have never been so impressed by a mobile browser as when I saw the new iPhone’s browser. It was fast, intuitive, and really made the web approachable to the mobile device. It made me resent all other phone manufacturers for trying to keep us in the WAP days this long, and by doing so little innovate on the browser front.

Opera has always provided those of us with the inclination to take matters into our own hands (is that how the phrase goes?) with a good alternative, Opera Mini. It’s a fast browser because of the compression that goes on before it hits your phone, but up until recently, it was only really worthwhile for those with non-Symbian phones. Symbian phones have had a comparable browser to Opera Mobile/Mini, thus not really justifying a download of Opera mini. However, that changed with version 4.

Version 4, although in Beta, is leaps and bounds better than any mobile browser I’ve used short of the iPhone’s. I will call that battle a draw for now since I haven’t played with either enough to make a fair comparison (and Opera is still in Beta), but one this is for sure, more people have access to Opera mini. So, if you want to try what I think is arguably the best phone browser out there for non-iPhone users, try out Opera Mini 4 Beta here…

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