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Bricks of a Feather Flock Together..

September 18, 2007 by · 18 Comments 

Let’s get right down to it. Gadgets have come a long way. Long gone are the days when devices barely made it through the day on one charge, their capabilities left a lot to be desired, and their appearance was, well, homely to say the least. But the breakneck advancement of gadgetry has left some consumers in the dust, unable to effectively use the newer, more sophisticated and compact wireless devices on the market. To these consumers, I present a nearly perfect solution.
two_devices.jpg two_devices_side.jpg

Let me present to you a match made in a Frankensteinian heaven. The Samsung Touchpoint 2200 and the Sharp TM-20 PocketMail, together at last! The Touchpoint provides all the functionality of a, well, a traditional telephone, with one definitive advantage: no cords. It is COMPLETELY wireless. Unless you use the 2.5mm earbud handsfree attachment, of course.

What’s that? You want WIRELESS email access but don’t want to a data subscription from your mobile carrier? Sharp has a solution. The TM-20 allows you to type and save up to 4,000 kb of email messages, and then in one touch send them over any telephone line by simply dialing a 1-800 number (subscription service required). A cheerful modem-language conversation later, and you’ve sent and received all your email.


You may be thinking, “This is great, but I already have a cell phone. Why can’t I just use it with the stylish and highly functional TM-20?” As you can see in the photos, the TM-20 is designed to mate with full-size handsets of the wired variety, such as what one might find in a phone booth. As such, compact cell phones are not up to the task. The physical proximity of the TM-20’s mass to a modern day cell phone could cause minor gravitational field distortion, resulting in interference with the function of sensitive electronics. For these reasons, the Touchpoint is perfectly paired with the TM-20. Note the comparable physical size. The mass of each devices is also comparable, canceling out the single-device gravitational distortion issue – it’s like a gravitational counterbalance of sorts. Pairing these equally robust devices also reduces the likelihood that one device will physically damage the other if kept in a pocket or briefcase together, as is possible with today’s less robust cell phones.

Unfortunately you cannot take, send, or receive pictures from any of these devices. But with the functionality already offered by the revolutionary convergence of these two devices, let’s not get too greedy! This device combination offers unmatched single-purpose functionality that meets the portability and functionality needs of a select market niche: those with extreme GLIQs (Gadget-Low-IQs) and a need to carry heavy weights in their pockets for passive exercise every day. Examples include near-illiterate sumo wrestlers and other weight-based athletes involved in brute force sport. The sturdy device construction also minimizes the possibility that they will be damaged if accidentally sat upon by consumers in this target market. An additional usability factor not to be overlooked is the large key size, easy for those with above-average finger size to manipulate.

The Touchpoint and the TM-20 may lack some of the glitz of current day mobile device technology. But they serve a under-represented consumer niche that needs only to make calls and send text-only email with stout fingers. For these consumers, this pairing is a match made in heaven!

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